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WSC Newsletter July 201601.08 - 2016 16:39
Here is the latest Western Sahara Campaign Newsletter:

WSC Newsletter July 2016 (262 KB)
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Open letter to UN Security Council members21.07 - 2016
The following letter was sent to the members of the UN Security Council on behalf of Saharawi civil society organisations – both in the refugee camps and Occupied Territories – as well as international activist groups and NGOs.Read more
WSC Newsletter May 201609.05 - 2016
Here is the latest Western Sahara Campaign Newsletter:

WSC Newsletter May 2016 (315 KB)
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Westminster Debate on Western Sahara19.04 - 2016
On 20 April, there was be a Westminster Hall debate on ‘Western Sahara and self-determination’ led by Alan Brown MP.Read more
Have you signed for REFERENDUM NOW?18.04 - 2016
The Swiss Support Committees for the Saharawi have launched a Petition to the UN Security Council to require the immediate organisation of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara and call for worldwide support for this petition. It’s time to find a solution to the conflict in Western Sahara.Read more

Cycling Challenge - Wales to Luxembourg02.04 - 2016
Later this month Jo Spearing will set off to cycle from Chepstow around the coast to Cwmystwyth - 340 miles – the second half of her trip round Wales

She is raising money to help cover the court costs of the Judicial Review we have initiated, challenging the British Government over the legality of allowing British companies to deal commercially with Morocco in the exploitation of Saharawi resources. The case has been referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union, as we requested, where it will be heard later this year.
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Comedian and satirist Mark Thomas will donate the proceeds of one of the night's of his 'Trespass' tour to the Western Sahara Campaign UK to support the court case against HMRC and DEFRA. Trespass carries on from where Mark’s previous show '100 Acts of Minor Dissent' left off. It is his usual odd mix of theatre, stand up, activism, a dash of journalism and a dollop of mayhem.Read more
WSCUK welcomes renewed commitment of UNSG16.03 - 2016
The Western Sahara Campaign welcomes the commitment by the UN Secretary General to spare no effort to resolve the situation in Western Sahara.Read more

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits Saharawi Refugee Camps12.03 - 2016
On 5th March 2016, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visited Smara in the Saharawi Refugee Camps, met with the Polisario Front's Secretary General Mohamed Abdelaziz, before going on to visit Bir Lahlou in the Liberated Territories of Western Sahara.

Whilst in Smara, Mr Ban made a press statement, the transcript of which is below.

This marks a milestone in the UN's most recent involvement in Western Sahara and we hope it will bring about some positive action to help the refugees4
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WSC Newsletter January 201615.12 - 2015
Here is the latest Western Sahara Campaign newsletter:

WSC Newsletter Jan 2016 (728 KB)

and below, a message from the Chair of WSC.
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Campaigners unite to say 40 years not forgotten08.11 - 2015
UK campaigners braved the rain on Saturday 7th November to demonstrate outside the Moroccan Embassy in London. In a demonstration of solidarity, people came together to show that after 40 years of occupation the people of Western Sahara are not forgotten. Protesters gathered outside the embassy chanting “40 years not forgotten, 40 years out Morocco!” This will be followed by letters delivered to the Embassies of all the members of the UN Security Council.
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Sahara Analysis 88: October 201501.11 - 2015
7th November 1975 - join us in marking 40 years; Support the Saharawi flood victims; High Court rule in our favour; the AU's legal opinion over Moroccan plunder in Western Sahara; Morocco “denounces and rejects” UN recommendations; Morocco dumps fish in Western Sahara; land confiscated; Morocco suppresses peaceful Saharawi demonstrations; WSAF and WSRW Submission to the UN General Assembly Special Political and Decolonisation Committee.Read more
Africa’s Last Colony - 40 years under occupation31.10 - 2015
31 October marks the 40th anniversary the Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara. Known as Africa’s last colony, Western Sahara is the only Territory in Africa to never complete the process of decolonisation.
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What were you doing on 7 November 1975?29.10 - 2015
Some of you hadn't been born yet. Others may have been watching the Wombles on kids TV. Others wearing flares and listening to Glam Rock. Others may have been celebrating Angolan independence.

You probably weren't in the Spanish Colony of Western Sahara listening anxiously to the news that thousands of Moroccans were gathering to march into your country and claim it for the king of Morocco. On 6th November he had called for a Green March to be organised and although the thousands of moroccans who answered his call never crossed the border in significant numbers it must have been a frightening prospect.
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A Landmark Step: UK High Court rules in Western Sahara's Favour21.10 - 2015
The High Court has ruled that our legal claim against DEFRA and HMRC regarding trade agreements with Morocco should be heard in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This is a landmark step!

Thank you to all who have supported this case by donating. We will need further funding to take our case to the CJEU. If you are able to help, please click here to find out how you can donate.
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Hunger Strike Chain - Justice for Haidalahunger_strike_chain.png
13.09 - 2015
You are invited to join people all over the world in a hunger strike chain in solidarity with the mother of murdered Saharawi Mohamed Lamine Haidala.
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Sahara Analysis 86: September 201513.09 - 2015
40 years too long - support us in marking the anniversary; POLISARIO sign the Geneva Convention;  Collective Hunger Strike - join us; oil drilling onshore in Western Sahara; Morocco allow registration of Sahrawi human rights organisationRead more
Geneva Convention - Swiss Support for POLISARIO13.09 - 2015
Almost unnoticed by the public, the freedom movement for the Western Sahara won a big victory in June on an international level of justice.  The Polisario Front committed itself to abide by the four Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols in its conflict with Morocco, thereby placing the conflict under the jurisdiction of humanitarian international law, which is legally binding for both parties.Read more

Our Days In Court24.07 - 2015
Last week the High Court heard the WSC’s case on Government policy regarding agreements with Morocco that do not distinguish the territory of Western Sahara.Read more
Sahara Analysis 86: June 201530.06 - 2015
Our day in court approaches - we need your help; 243 organisations write to Security Council over Western Sahara's oil; Morocco's campaign to influence Clinton; John West and Saharawi Sardines; Morocco's lobbying of the UN; Western Sahara's 'conflict tomatoes'; Phosphate plunder continues.Read more

News archive:
01.08 - 2016WSC Newsletter July 2016
21.07 - 2016Open letter to UN Security Council members
09.05 - 2016WSC Newsletter May 2016
19.04 - 2016Westminster Debate on Western Sahara
18.04 - 2016Have you signed for REFERENDUM NOW?
02.04 - 2016Cycling Challenge - Wales to Luxembourg
16.03 - 2016WSCUK welcomes renewed commitment of UNSG
12.03 - 2016UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits Saharawi Refugee Camps
15.12 - 2015WSC Newsletter January 2016
08.11 - 2015Campaigners unite to say 40 years not forgotten
01.11 - 2015Sahara Analysis 88: October 2015
31.10 - 2015Africa’s Last Colony - 40 years under occupation
29.10 - 2015What were you doing on 7 November 1975?
21.10 - 2015A Landmark Step: UK High Court rules in Western Sahara's Favour
13.09 - 2015Hunger Strike Chain - Justice for Haidala
13.09 - 2015Sahara Analysis 86: September 2015
13.09 - 2015Geneva Convention - Swiss Support for POLISARIO
24.07 - 2015Our Days In Court
21.05 - 2015Help our legal challenge to stop the theft from Western Sahara

The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.