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The Western Sahara Campaign UK is a member of:

Statement from Western Sahara APPG27.10 - 2020 18:38
Statement on behalf of the UK Parliament’s Western Sahara All Party Parliamentary Group ahead of the MINURSO vote in the UN Security Council this week.
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Open letter to UNSC from international WS solidarity groups27.10 - 2020
Ahead of the MINURSO vote in the UN Security Council, we have coordinated several regional group letters and an open letter from the international Western Sahara solidarity groups.

You find the letter and its signatories below:
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UNSC Vote on MINURSO05.10 - 2020
As the UNSC prepares to vote on the renewal of MINURSO, the Western Sahara international solidarity movement must put pressure on the UN Security Council to immediately take the necessary steps to bring about a just and lasting peace for the people of Western Sahara.

Join us in writing to UNSC members to urge them to fulfil their responsibilities to the people of Western Sahara. We have prepared a briefing and a call to action. We encourage everyone who is able to write to/call/email UNSC members. More information is included in the call to action which is available in different languages below.
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The Saharawi Commission Against Moroccan Occupation (ISACOM)05.10 - 2020
Following the founding of the Saharawi Commission Against Moroccan Occupation in September this year, we write to Aminatou Haidar, ISACOM President.Read more
Support our latest action26.06 - 2020
Despite rulings in the CJEU and the English and Welsh Court, supermarkets continue to source tomatoes from Dhakla, Western Sahara and to label them as Produce of Morocco so as to benefit from tax breaks. WSC has raised this with Trading Standards but they are unwilling to pursue the matter. We need more evidence that consumers are concerned.Read more

WSC Newsletter June 2020ws_flag_2_510.jpg
08.06 - 2020
Supermarkets continue mislabelling tomatoes | Latest news on corona in Western Sahara | New Zealand superannuation fund and ‘blood phosphate' | Kiwi importers ignore government advice on Western Sahara | P for Plunder | Bundestag Analysis of Morocco's settlement policy | UNSC’s faltering stance on self-determination in Western Sahara
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WSC Newsletter January 202009.02 - 2020
From the Chair | Hans Corell criticises EU Fisheries | Aminatou Haidar | MINURSO Renewal | US supports a peaceful solution to Western Sahara conflict | Question Spain on Western Sahara at UPR | Conflict Beach in Canary Islands | Labelling Ruling | Bike 4 Western Sahara | Stave House in the Sahara | MINURSO and WS study | Morocco to construct $1bn port in Western Sahara
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Civil Society raises concerns about UK-Morocco Trade23.01 - 2020
Civil Society Organisations raise human rights concerns as UK seeks to roll over Morocco Association Agreement.Read more

WSCUK at Labour Conference25.09 - 2019
This week, we brought the issue of Western Sahara to thousands! Our fabulous Saharawi guest, Jdeiya, addressed three events at Labour Party Conference and the World Transformed including thousands in the Labour conference hall!

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About the Campaign22.09 - 2019
The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. To join our mailing list or donate contact or download this form to affiliate your organisation here (53 KB).

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WSC Newsletter July 2019ws_flag_2_510.jpg
01.09 - 2019
Aminatou Haidar | WS Phosphate Industry | Reporters without Borders | Nazha El Khalidi
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Jeremy Corbyn joins WSC and Aminatou Haidar in parliament 27.06 - 2019
Speaking alongside leading Saharawi human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Aminatou Haidar, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn emphasised the importance of the rights of the Saharawi and stated that human rights should be at the centre of everything that the UK does.Read more
WSCUK hosting Aminatou Haidar18.06 - 2019
The Western Sahara Campaign is delighted to be hosting Aminatou Haidar in a visit to London the week of 24 June 2019. Aminatou is one of Africa's most prominent human rights activists and will help to spread the message of the Saharawi cause while she is in London.Read more

TAKE ACTION!13.04 - 2019

After nearly 30 years of UNSC stalling with regard to the referendum promised to the Saharawi people, it is long past time to reevaluate MINURSO. The failure of the UN to move forward with the process has served to encourage Morocco to ramp up its abuses and violations throughout occupied Western Sahara. The situation is growing increasingly tense. To avoid renewed conflict, the UN must take action to assure the Saharawi people that law and human rights will be respected and upheld in the region by the international community.
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High Court confirms European court ruling on Western Sahara08.04 - 2019
The High Court has now implemented the ruling by the Courts of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which recognises the self-determination rights of Saharawi people of the Western Sahara.Read more

WSC Newsletter February 2019ws_flag_2_510.jpg
09.03 - 2019
Need for Litigation | Royal Visit to Morocco | Business as Usual | Scrutiny Committee | Human Rights Watch | Freedom House | End of the Conflict? | Asylum Seekers in Spain
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The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.