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Urgent action: ask the UN for human rights monitoringunsc_2.jpg
14.04 - 2014 15:30
Help us call on the UN to monitor human rights!
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WSAF's 2014 human rights briefing13.03 - 2014
The Western Sahara Action Forum, of which WSC is a member, has published its 2014 briefing on human rights violations in Western Sahara. It can be found here.

The briefing highlights allegations of human rights violations that have taken place since the UN Security Council decided not to include human rights monitoring in MINURSO’s mandate in April 2013. It calls for independent, impartial, comprehensive, and sustained monitoring of human rights, both in Western Sahara and in the refugee camps, to be included in MINURSO’s renewed mandate this April.
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UK Western Sahara APPG event next Tuesday20.02 - 2014
The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Western Sahara is hosting an event in Parliament next Tuesday: “Human Rights and Western Sahara”.

All are welcome. Please RSVP to for further details and directions.
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Western Sahara on Al Jazeera: postponed - new dates tbc29.01 - 2014
This film will air on Al Jazeera as the UN begins to consider - once again - whether it's peacekeepers should be monitoring human rights in Western Sahara. Which, of course, they should be.

Watch this space for campaign actions on this to follow soon.
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WSC newsletter January 201420.12 - 2013
Here is the latest Western Sahara Campaign newsletter:

WSC Newsletter Jan 2014 (4 MB)

the legal analysis of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement:

Western Sahara Fisheries Agreement - legal analysis (803 KB)

and below, a message from the Chair of WSC.
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Fisheries Agreement: Saharawis speak outfpa_demo3a-compressed.jpg
19.12 - 2013
Mohamed Sidati of the Polisario Front, and Aminatou Haidar, Saharawi human rights activist, have made strong statements to MEPs about the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA)
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European Parliament: Undermining rights in Western Sahara10.12 - 2013
The European Parliament has today voted for a new EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement which will open up the waters of Western Sahara to European boats. This is in violation of the wishes and interests of the Saharawi people. Previously European Parliamentarians voted against the extension of the last agreement, due mostly to questions over its legality, but today the new agreement was passed with 204 parliamentarians voting against the agreement, while 310 voted for and 49 abstained.  See Western Sahara Resource Watch for the full story.Read more
ACTION NEEDED: Stop the EU-Morocco Fishing Agreement01.12 - 2013
A majority of EU Member States has chosen to approve the new EU-Morocco fisheries protocol, which pays for EU vessels to fish in the waters of occupied Western Sahara. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands opposed the proposal. The agreement will now go to the European Parliament for approval.

In 2011 we succeeded in convincing the European Parliament to vote against the extension of the protocol and EU boats were forced to leave the waters of Western Sahara. This agreement would bring them back. Help us convince MEPs once again to reject this illegal agreement!

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New Report - Saharawis: Poor People in a Rich Country01.12 - 2013
Saharawi Natural Resources Watch (SNRW) have published a report “Saharawis: Poor People in a Rich Country”, which looks at the fisheries in Western Sahara. The report looks at the different aspects, facts and statistics available on the fishing resources in Western Sahara, and the scale of exploitation, plunder and the serious destruction of the ecological system in the Saharawi waters.

It calls on “the members of the European parliament never to vote in favor of the EU-Morocco fishing agreement, as the same grounds that resulted in the cancellation of the previous agreement are still there”. Read a summary of the report here.
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Take Action on Morocco's conflict tomatoes28.10 - 2013
UK supermarkets sell tomatoes grown in illegally-occupied Western Sahara. They label them as “Moroccan”. This is clearly misleading. Trading Standards can take action to stop this if they get enough complaints. So let's take action.Read more

Moroccan crackdown as UN envoy visits Western Saharamoroccan_police_oct_2013.jpg
28.10 - 2013
Moroccan police (plainclothes and uniformed officers shown here throwing stones) have violently broken up Saharawi human rights demonstrations, under the nose of the visiting UN envoy, Christopher Ross.
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UN human rights vote: Travesty of justice for Western Sahara25.04 - 2013
The United Nations today voted not to monitor human rights violations in Western Sahara. This represents a tragedy of justice for the people of Western Sahara, who will continue to be subjected to the brutal oppression of occupying Moroccan forces.Read more
Human rights monitoring negotiations on-going at UN: Take Action!16.04 - 2013
The Group of Friends of Western Sahara – the United States, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Russia – are currently locked in negotiations at the UN to determine the mandate for MINURSO, the peacekeeping operation in Western Sahara and the Saharawi refugee camps outside Tindouf, Algeria.Read more

Ban Ki-Moon supports human rights monitoring - We need your help!09.04 - 2013
In his strongest ever statement on Western Sahara, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has recognised the need for human rights monitoring in the Territory.Read more
Human Rights Monitoring - The Time to Act is NOW27.02 - 2013
Take action immediately to demand that, in the wake of the Gdeim Izik, the United Nations Security Council live up to its moral and legal responsibilities to protect the human rights of the people of the Western Sahara. See how here.Read more

Sentencing of Sahawari activists in politically motivated show trial quema_de_jaimas_2.jpg
17.02 - 2013

Responding to the news that Saharawi civillians have today been given sentences ranging between 20 years and life in a military trial condemned as unfair John Gurr, Coordinator of Western Sahara Campaign UK said:

“We not only condemn these sentences, we reject the entire legal process under which they have been brought. Amnesty International has described this military trial as “flawed from the outset”, in violation of international standards for a fair trial. The defendants insist that they are political prisoners. Whilst in detention the defendants claim to have suffered torture and to have been coerced into signing confessions. Gdeim Izik is widely regarded as having sparked the Arab Spring and many of the defendants are well respected human rights activists. Any trial should have been in a civilian court not under military tribunal. Their trial should not have been delayed by over two years. Their trial should have been open to international legal observers, jurists and journalists and allegations of torture should have been fully and independently investigated. This appears to have been a politically motivated show trial and we call on the international community to join us in speaking out against these sentences and supporting our calls for independent human rights monitoring in Western Sahara.”

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Trial of Gdim Izik protestors 'flawed', says Amnesty International04.02 - 2013
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Christopher Ross (UN envoy) speaks18.12 - 2012
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Farewell to Lamine - the work goes on18.12 - 2012

Lamine Baali, who has been Polisario’s representative in Britain for much of the past 30 years, has left to become SADR’s Ambassador to the African Union in Addis Ababa. At a reception in the House of Commons, supporters reflected on past achievements, but also the Saharawi's ongoing struggle.
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Human Rights Campaign Officer at Western Sahara Campaign UK27.10 - 2012
The Western Sahara Campaign is accepting applications for the temporary post of Human Rights Campaign Officer to develop and co-ordinate an international campaign to persuade the UN Security Council to introduce independent monitoring of human rights abuse in Western Sahara and to research a further campaign on workers’ rights in occupied Western Sahara.Read more

News archive:
08.02 - 2011TAKE ACTION - Tell France to stop blocking human rights
15.12 - 2009Vigil for Aminatou as she reaches one month on hunger strike
11.12 - 2009Lenny Henry joins campaigners protesting to save Aiminatou Haidar
11.12 - 2009Campaigners deliver letter to Gordon Brown from Aminatou Haidar
02.12 - 2009Wave of abuse against Saharawi human rights activists
07.12 - 2009UK Campaigners back MPs' calls to save Saharawi Gandhi
05.12 - 2009Amnesty launch URGENT ACTION in support of Aminatou Haidar
05.12 - 2009Lanzarote - Jubilation turns to despair...turns to anger‏
02.12 - 2009Enforced Disappearance of Sahrawi man
02.12 - 2009Fears grow for hunger strike Nobel nominee
20.11 - 2009"EU must stop allowing exploitation of Western Sahara"
20.11 - 2009Expelled Sahrawi human rights activist on hunger strike
10.11 - 2009Sign the petition: Stop the EU Fisheries in Western Sahara
31.08 - 2009Student abducted on International Day of Disappeared
06.08 - 2009Western Saharan students “risk everything” to get to Oxford
01.03 - 2009A quick history...

The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.