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The Western Sahara Campaign UK is a member of:

Newsletters and Analysis

Throughout the year the Campaign produces Newsletters and Analyses to give supporters more in-depth information on the news and issues about Western Sahara.
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The latest Newsletter is now available online -
Winter 2009 Newsletter (948 KB)
It includes articles on Aminatou Haidar, the EU Fisheries in Western Sahara, and EUCOCO.

The latest Analysis is now available online - Sahara Analysis 69_May 2011

Previous Newsletters
Spring 2009 Newsletter (321 KB)

Previous Analyses
Sahara Analysis 57_January 2009 (58 KB)

Sahara Analysis 58_May 2009 (125 KB)

Sahara Analysis 59_July (126 KB)

Sahara Analysis 60_September 2009 (178 KB)

Sahara Analysis 61_November 2009 (151 KB)

Sahara Analysis 62_February 2010 (137 KB)

Sahara Analysis 63_March 2010 (193 KB)

Sahara Analysis 64_May 2010 (165 KB)

Sahara Analysis 65_July 2010 (232 KB)

Sahara Analysis 66_October 2010 (186 KB)

Sahara Analysis 67_March 2011

Sahara Analysis 68_April 2011



The Western Sahara Campaign works in solidarity with the Saharawi people to generate political support in order to advance their right to self-determination and to promote their human rights. Our role is to lobby the UK Government and the EU. You can help us to ensure the UK does not ignore the voice of the Saharawi people.



Follow the news about EU's illegal fisheries in Western Sahara

The EU pays Morocco to fish in occupied Western Sahara.